What is Squats and Spreadsheets?


Squats and Spreadsheets is a fun little alliteration created by yours truly, Nikki Tetreault (pronounced Tay-Tro. I know. It’s French. #sorrynotsorry) I love alliterations, almost as much as I love squats and spreadsheets. You see where I’m going with this, right?

What’s all this about?

S&S is the thought-baby of a slightly neurotic list maker who is fighting the good fight ie. Baby Spinach v. Pizza. I bring tips and advice learned the hard way in fitness and business, with a sprinkling of recipes, ramblings and real talk (see, alliteration. It’s a thing).

What am  I about? I’m a Vermonter turned Seattleite with a degree in marketing with a specialization in management. I live in an apartment on a lake with my boyfriend Jay, my cat Smaug, and my puppy Jack. They make sense of all the crazy while I ramble about zoodles and organizing tips.

insta spread.JPG

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